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It's time to quit believing the J.Edgar Hoover Hollywood versions of what really happened to many outlaws of the nineteen thirties.

J.Edgar Hoover wanted the world to believe that criminals of the thirties were below human, scum of the worst kind, public rats, and many other unpopular names.

For years Hoover even denied that there was a Mafia. Why? Because as Sam Giancana (Chicago's most powerful mob boss since Capone) put it in his book "Double Crossed." Hoover didn't want the usual envelope every month, so we gave him something better, tips on all the fixed horse races. In my opinion J.Edgar Hoover was the "Godfather of the Government."

He was a very powerful man. He was a dictator who agreed with Hitler's solution to exterminate all outlaws. Hoover often played the Judge, Jury, and Executioner and got away with murder.

He was the man who hid behind a building until Alvin Karpis "Public Enemy Number One" was captured. Afterwards Hoover posed for photograph's with the outlaw claiming that he personally arrested him.

Federal agent's on the scene even forgot to bring handcuffs, and Karpis had his hands bound with neck ties. Why? Because you don't need handcuffs for a dead man and the FBI usually killed public enemies. I guess Karpis was just lucky that Hoover needed him alive.

John Dillinger, Charley Floyd and Lester Gillis "Baby Face Nelson" were not so lucky. Hoover fed these fictional stories to the public and they bought it. If we look at all the facts Hoover was as bad as or worse than Al Capone,

In fact Hoover probably ordered as many death's or more. After Special Agent Melvin Purvis, head of the FBI's Chicago offices lead the FBI in the killing of Dillinger, he became very popular with the public. This attracted Hoover's attention and the Director did not approve. Hoover removed Melvin Purvis out of the spotlight because of jealousy to gain publicity. He even created his own mythology portrait in Hollywood with a heroic image of himself as the Director of the FBI. Misleading Hollywood and the motion picture business industries for years with stories far from the truth.

Hoover was just an extremely over paid powerful man who would sit behind his big fancy polished desk and give the orders to his legalized murderous FBI hitmen. But Hoover was far from a hero, he didn't have the courage of men like John Dillinger. In fact in comparison Hoover didn't even come close to John Dillinger's courage. Dillinger was a man marked with originality, he was courageous, daring and clever. I'm not trying to defend the criminals of the nineteen thirties, I'm just stating the facts.

Lets not confuse the issues of who were the good guys and the bad guys. They is no doubt that bank robbers were indeed the bad guys, but there were many types of crooks during the great depression. Such as crooked politicians, crooked judges, Lawyers, and cops. I'll just let you be the Judge.

Over the years some of the biggest crooks the nation has ever seen have lived directly in the White House in Washington D.C.


Check out Gangster Holidays, the Video. (by my good friend Tom Hollatz) This amazing video has been muscled out of a speeding black limo in a cloud of gunsmoke,

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Signatores, John, Al, Ralph, Baby Face and Pollack Joe

Also check out the book "Gangster Holiday's, The Lore and the Legend of the Bad Guys."
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Do you believe that Dillinger was the cold blooded killer that the FBI made him out to be?

You'd be surprised!
First of all Dillinger was accused of one murder but never convicted. Police reports will tell you that Dillinger was the man who pulled the trigger and killed Police officer Patrick O'Malley. But what they won't tell you is that there were other realible eyewitnesses who identified John Hamilton as the Triggerman. Dillinger's only federal offence was stealing a car and driving it across state lines. The FBI needed a more serious image of John Dillinger than just a car thief, so they hung the murder rap on him to make him appear more dangerous. The newspapers helped with headlines that were screaming out the Dillinger Gang strikes again!

Pretty Boy Floyd was accused of being the killer behind "The Kansas City Massacre," but Floyd wasn't even there. He didn't even know Frank Nash, the outlaw killed at the scene. The closest Floyd ever came Nash was hearing the outlaws name on the radio. Floyd was a bankrobber, not a hitman. He admitted to a reporter that he had killed men, which he believed was in self-defense. Why would Floyd admit his crimes to a reporter and denied any participation in the Kansas City Massacre. Why? Because he was telling the truth and was not involved in the Massacre. Floyd knew that as soon as the FBI caught up with him he was a dead man. He had no reason to lie about Kansas City.

What about Bonnie & Clyde? Bonnie never killed anyone. Clyde did kill, and wouldn't hesitate to kill any police officer who tried to arrest him, but Clyde considered his actions self defense since the officers were firing on him with intent to kill. I can't defend Clyde Barrow, what he did was wrong, dead wrong! But I can say that if anyone was firing on me with lethel intentions I would return the fire in hopes that I am still standing when the smoke cleared. Criminals like John Dillinger were looking for that one big robbery to finance a permanent escape out of the country. Bonnie & Clyde weren't looking for that great final escape. They just wanted to stay close to home and family even if it cost them their lives. They vowed to never be taken alive and they died side by side in a hail of bullets.

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