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The Oklahoma Bandit

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To the newspapers Floyd was the "Robin hood of Cookson Hills," "The People bandit," and "The Oklahoma bandit." He was better know to the public as Charley Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd, to his friends he was known as Choc and to his family he was known as Charley.

It was said that Floyd took a wrong turn in life and just never found his way back. He was accused of taking part in the Kansas City Massacre at the Union Station but Floyd play no part in this FBI coverup. It was said that Floyd tried to free Frank Nash, a man he never personally knew. The FBI succeeded in pinning it on Floyd but never had any proof of Floyd's involvement.

Floyd knew someday he would go down with lead.

In a interview with Vivian Brown Floyd said,"I never shot at a fellow in my life unless I was forced into it by some trap being thrown to catch me and then it was that or else." Floyd became "Public Enemy Number One," the moment Dillinger was killed. He was another depression day outlaw who just gave up to become one of the biggest criminal of all time. Floyd never denied killing those who were trying to kill him. Floyd was a honest man in the sense that he would admit to the crimes he commited, but refused to take blame for crimes he wasn't involved in such as the Kansas City Massacre. The FBI lied about Floyd's involvement at Kansas City, and it was recorded forever in history as the truth. This myth has been repeated so many times over the years that many people actually believe it as the truth.

The Peoples Bandit

Nicknamed "The Peoples Bandit," because of his willingness to burn bank mortgages during robberies which gave many folks free homes and farms. He would also give lots of needy families money who were hit pretty hard by the depression and had children to feed. This doesn't justify his reasoning for robbing banks, but does show that he was human and cared about others. He was shot in the back through the heart by the FBI while he lay wounded and unarmed on the ground. He died October 22,1934 on Ellen Conkle's fifty-acre farm near East Liverpool, Ohio. Mrs. Conkle was kind to Charley and cooked him a hearty meal just before Federal agents shot and killed him.

In February of 1935 Charley Floyd's wife Ruby wrote a letter to Mrs. Conkle thanking her for being so kind to her husband. In the letter she told Mrs. Conkle that Charley Floyd was one of the nicest men and went on to say that if he would have lived he would have repaid her a thousands times.