Car and Driver Insurance

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Automobile insurance is a legal and binding contract between a consumer and an insurance company to protect the consumer from financial loss in the event of damage or theft. Insurance policies can be confusing for consumers with extensive legal and insurance terminology included in the contracts. Individual states also have laws in place that require specific coverage for car owners. Car owners need to comply with state laws for insurance coverage. It may also be beneficial to carry insurance coverage that exceeds state requirements to protect yourself from additional financial loss.


History of Car Insurance

The concept of insurance in general began with Benjamin Franklin with an idea for fire insurance in 1751. As people responded favorably to the idea of being protected from loss that would occur from fire, the idea of insurance took hold. The next year, in 1752, Franklin and a board of directors began the first insurance company. Together, the board agreed to contribute money to the company, which would be used to compensate the insured in the event of loss. Car insurance dates back to 1897 with the first auto insurance policy. As driving became more prevalent and popular, auto insurance evolved to meet the increasing needs within this area. Many states began adopting laws about liability insurance during the 1940s.

Understanding Auto Insurance Rates

With an auto insurance policy, an insurance company agrees to assume your risk of driving. Various factors combine to determine the overall risk of a consumer, including marital status, gender, age, driving record, geographic location, and type of car. An insurance company will assess these factors to guess about a consumer's overall risk for insurance company. After this analysis, the company will provide a quote for auto insurance based on specific risks. Each insurance company assesses risks differently, so consumers may receive significantly different rate quotes from different companies.





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