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Was Justice fair in the killing of John Dillinger on July 22, 1934?

By 7ony Stewart
Evidence supports the fact that John Dillinger wasn't even carrying a weapon the night he was killed by federal agents.
Polly Hamilton made a statement to the FBI to that she didn't know he was John Dillinger...she thought he was Jimmy Lawrence. Hamilton said that Jimmy never carried a weapon during the three weeks that they were together. She added that she took Jummy back stage to meet several baseball players after a big game and Jummy bought beer for the team members...taking joy opening each beer for players with no less than 50 police officers watching nearby.
Polly also said Jimmy went with her on three occasions to the Board of Health, (Located in the Chicago Police Department) which was required if seeking work in a restaurant around food. She said Jummy sat there waiting, reading a newspaper directly in the police department no less than three feet from the counter with officers present. Statements made by Polly Hamilton (who was closet to Dillinger) supports the fact that this man carried no gun during the last weeks of his life and was unarmed when killed by the FBI.
There was definately another FBI cover-up involving John Dillinger, the killing of America's most infamous outlaw of the 1930's. Agent Melvin Purvis reported that he removed the gun from Dillinger's body after the outlaw was killed. After reviewing all the detailed statements made by agents at the death scene, I noted that not even one of them mention seeing Purvis remove a gun from Dillinger. Even Agent Charles Winstead, the man who pulled fired the fatal shot didn’t see Purvis remove the weapon.  In FBI reports...AChicago officer was the first to search Dillinger when he hit the ground. Winstead asked the officer to search the body for a gun. The officer replied: "This man has no gun."
Anna Sage claimed that Dillinger had no gun on him when killed, but later after talking with the FBI, she would change her story.  Did the FBI coach Anna Sage in her second statement? Most likely, because I have evidense that Hoover  often forged documents to his satisfaction. There could be no mistakes for the FBI this time.

The Bureau already had a bad record of shooting unarmed men and innocent bystanders during the apprehension of criminals and it simply couldn't happen again. The shooting of unarmed people had already set off a shock wave of criticism and the public had demanded the resignation of J.Edgar Hoover and Melvin Purvis on more than one occasion.


The FBI could not afford any more mistakes, which explains why the Bureau would plant a gun on Dillinger, if he happened to be unarmed and evidence shows that’s exactly what they did. Anna Sage later said Dillinger had carried a gun in front of his trousers; tucked in his pants under his shirt. The FBI claimed Dillinger tried to pull a gun from his right front trouser pocket, and he couldn’t get it out, because the hammer got caught inside the pocket liner.

Melvin Purvis claimed he personally removed the gun from Dillinger’s hand, which turned out to be hammerless. The evidence presented by the FBI shows several discrepancies, and is inconsistent to the facts on that fatal night. Purvis was an honest man, but under Hoover’s command, his loyalties would lead to lies. He later left the Bureau because he had learned first- hand how deceiving Hoover could be. Dillinger felt secure enough with his new disguise, birth certificate, and a new identity to leave his weapon home.
After Dillinger’s plastic surgery, he felt that he looked completely different. The surgeon actually did a great face-lift considering the practice was still fairly new in the thirties. The mole between his eyes and the scar on his were lip removed, and the dimple on his chin had been filled in. He later plucked eyebrows thin, his mustache was well groomed with a Clark Gable look, and he was wearing prescription glasses. The one thing Dillinger didn’t count on was betrayal from a trusted friend.

Sage not only put Dillinger on the spot, but hand-delivered him to the location of his prearranged execution.  Contact the author at: Dillinger72234@aol.com


"Copyright 7ony Stewart - Dillinger, The Hidden Truth"

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