By 7ony Stewart

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Unanswered questions surrounding Dillinger's life and death.

Photo: Courtesy of
Sandy Jones

What happened to the Three thousand and three hundred dollars that John Dillinger had on him at the time of his death?

Was it secretly given to the victims of the families?
Or was it secretly shared out between Dillinger's executioners?

Was Dillinger even carrying a gun?
What about the missing key which was noted in personal items found on his body that completely disappeared?
Learn the true shocking facts in "Dillinger, The Hidden Truth-Reloaded."

What about the book Matt Leach wrote about Dillinger and the FBI? The book mysteriously disapeared on June 14,1955 after a car accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike which killed Matt Leach and his wife. The Book was described as "Too Hot to publish?"

What happened to the big oval framed picture taken of John Dillinger and his wife Beryl shortly after they were married in 1924?

Why was Dillinger made Public Enemy Number One when the only federal crime he committed was stealing a car and driving it across state lines? This is just a few of the many unanswered questions. Stay with me to learn more.

Note it is not my intent to accuse the FBI of fabricating several important and vital documents of the nineteen thirties. It is my intent however to get to the truth of the matter, and I have quit believing in fairy tales since I was very young.

Why did the FBI repeatively coverup valuable information for decades? We can go on and on, but now there are answers to these questions and many more questions in the upcoming book "Dillinger, The Hidden Truth." Learn more about the true facts that many writers either over looked or considered too hot to touch.

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Note: If anyone out there has any new information on John Dillinger or other outlaws of the depression era, such as old photograph's, original newspapers, or anything of interest please get in touch with me. 

Perhaps you may even have a relative who was a witness to a robbery involving one of these legendary outlaws and would like to share their story.

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