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Thank you very much for visiting The John Dillinger Website. Please sign the guestbook before you escape.

I have really been getting some good comments and several questions regarding outlaws. I really value your opinions on outlaws of the great depression era.

If you have any new information or stories you'd like to share please contact me. It has truly been an honor. Thank you


Say whatever is on your mind as long as it's related to this website. Please...No foul language. Add your idea's and tips on what you'd like to see in a Dillinger website. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Here are some interesting remarks which I admire, made about John Dillinger:

"He was Crooked but not twisted, he took no pleasure in harming people, he was admired as a, ah good bad man. He lived the closest thing that anybody ever did to a folk legend." William Helmer.

"I've never met anybody, who knew him, who didn't like him, he was a likable person, didn't justify what he did. But that's the kind of personality John Dillinger was." Joe Pinkston.

Thanks Again
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