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Someday they'll go down together;
And they'll bury us side by side;
To few it'll be grief-
To the law a relief-
But it's death for Bonnie and Clyde.
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This verse was taken from a Poem written by Bonnie Parker in Joplin, Missouri. The poem was written just before police surrounded the residence and gunfire soon erupted. Inside the room was Bonnie Parker, Clyde Barrow, Buck Barrow and his wife Blanch, and a unidentified member of the gang named W.D.Jones. The date was April 13,1933.

During their four year career Bonnie and Clyde robbed many banks, getting away with quite a bit of money. If they were still robbing banks today, nobody's money would be safe! They were accused of killing twelve men. Clyde actually killed four men and the rest were killed by other members of the gang. Bonnie never killed anyone, but was present during most of these killings. The gang believed these killings were done in self-defence.

The officers who fired the deadly shots at Bonnie and Clyde either feared the outlaws or carried a deep hatred towards them to perform such an overkill with so many rounds of bullets fired. Obviously Bonnie and Clyde never had their day in court. Even the best Cincinnati criminal lawyer would have had a hard time with this case. No lawyer would have been able to succeed in defending these outlaws.  Bonnie and Clyde lived by the gun and died by the gun.    

Bonnie Parker

She was a lonely woman living in the hard times of the great depression. She grew up in a town west of Dallas, Texas. She was just an ordinary girl until she met Clyde Barrow. This was the beginning of the most tragic love story ever told. From the moment Bonnie and Clyde met they had only four years and four months left to live. She would be loyal to Clyde to the end.

Clyde Barrow

Clyde was born south east of Dallas, Texas. He would meet Bonnie Parker in the fall of 1929. Together the two would become front page news across the country. It's true that Clyde was a master gunman and if he got the first shot you were dead. But it is not true that he killed for the pure joy of it. He only killed the lawmen that he believed were out to get him. Just about every lawman in the country had a bullet with Clyde's name on it.

On May 23,1934 around 9:15 am, Bonnie & Clyde drove straight into a death trap in the suburbs of Gibsland, Louisiana. They were ambushed without warning by several officers hiding in the nearby brush. One hundred sixty seven bullets slammed into the V-8 ford in 12 seconds with at least fifty bullets tearing into Bonnie & Clyde, killing them almost instantly.

The Wages Of Sin

The Death of Bonnie & Clyde

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