Bulletproof - Annuity & Rewards for Catching Criminals

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"To Dillinger it was all a game,
It was Dillinger's wits against the FBI's and Dillinger was winning."

.....Statement made by a former FBI agent under Hoover's command.

The Bulletproof page will be around for a long time. No one is chasing us out of town! We are "One Mind" on keeping the dust settled. We will be updating information on a regular basis. Join our growing and expanding website and together we will learn all the hidden facts about the FBI, and several other law enforcement agencies during the great depression.


"Eat It G-Men!"

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Did you Know?

Did you know that when the FBI shot Dillinger in the back (and wounded two innocent bystanders)the only federal charge they had on him was stealing a car and driving it across states lines? It's true that Dillinger was a bank robber, an escaped criminal and perhaps the Hodini of crime but my point being that this was the only federal charge the FBI had on him when they killed him. Well we could add resisting arrest since Dillinger ran from armed agents who were persuing him. This is probably because newspapers reported that Dillinger would be killed on sight. I'm sure this thought was running through Dillinger's head when he looked over his shoulder that night to see armed agents advancing quickly in his direction. But is this justice? Did Dillinger even have a gun?

How were the outlaws of the nineteen thirties and eighteen hundreds similar?

Dillinger and Floyd working together? It is very possible, Eddie Green worked with Alvin Karpis and the Barker brothers. Pretty Boy Floyd wanted to join up with the Barker/Karpis gang. Green had also introduced Baby Face Nelson to Dillinger. Alvin Karpis had even crossed paths with Bonnie & Clyde at one time. All the outlaws of the thirties at one time had crossed paths with each other. The laws hadn't really changed much over the years since the early western days. In 1934 outlaws could still rob a bank and escape safely across state lines. They would then be safely out of the jurisdiction of where the actual crime was commited. Outlaws of the thirties were considered to be modern day cowboys. Rewards could be posted "dead or alive," and after outlaws were killed law officials would pose for photographs with the dead bodies like a proud hunter and his kill. Today this behavior is not only unheard of but illegal. In those days if a convicted criminal was sentenced to death. The sentence would be carried out in months, not years like today. Police official's could collect rewards for capturing or killing outlaws. Times sure have changed.

"Never trust a woman or a automatic weapon."

Famous Dillinger quote. It's just too bad that John Dillinger didn't take his own advice when he walked out of the Biograph Theater on that fateful night of July 22,1934. Step back into time and learn the real facts, not the FBI fairy tales that we were mislead to believe for many years.

John Dillinger, posing at the Lake County Crown Point Jail with what appears to be family.
Photo courtesy of Lori Hyde

When John Dillinger escaped from Crown Point, a very upset Sheriff Lillian Holley announced to the press that if they ever get Dillinger back she would shoot him in the head with her own gun.
Not only did Dillinger lock up ten guards, take the master keys to the jailhouse and steal the Sheriff's car, but he had did it all with a piece of wood. A wooden Gun.

Dillinger behind bars in Tucson, Arizona.

Notice the clever look in his eyes, it's not hard to figure out what was going though his mind.

Dillinger was a man marked with originality, he would repectively prove to Hoover and the FBI that he wasn't the dumb hoosier from Indiana that they made him out to be.

In fact Dillinger would prove to be much more intelligent at the cops & robbers game than all the law inforcement officials of the time.

Dillinger could hit and run at will, he kept Police and the FBI in limbo. To Police Officials it was all a guessing game trying to figure out Dillinger's unpredictable next move.